Tuesday, September 28, 2010

soul care

Helllllooooo Friends, I do hope you are well. :)

Life has been full the past few days. Yoga classes, private sessions, meetings with teachers, teaching ayurveda workshop, private sessions, paying yoga bills, coordinating subs for travels, working on newsletter, website updates/ mini re-vamp, uber BIG news for future yoga happening, working with designer, ayurveda studies/homework/quiz/phone meetings with teacher, arranging hotel & rental car for trip to Philly (leaving tomorrow!), staying connected to Mexico trainees, working out menu for Mexico food, ordering good for Mexico, and printing stuff, and gathering what I need, finalizing the schedule, and coordinating with guest teachers, and......whewwwww. I'll stop.

But what I did do was carve out time on Sunday to take care of my soul. Cause I knew that life was gonna get reallly full beginning this week.

On Sunday Andy and I took the dogs for a hike at Tom Dorman Nature Preserve. Love getting out and walking on the dirt and feeling the trees around me. Is there anything like being out in the woods on a new fall day?

Came home and made a healthy mango smoothie for lunch. Then I spent three whole hours in my yoga room. Yes, three! It was so great. I've been struggling with the idea of transitioning from summer to fall. My intention was to use the time to officially make the leap. I did yin yoga followed by vinyasa yoga (focusing on slow mindful movements), Meditation and journaling too. Right now I'm thinking of ways to celebrate the dreams that are coming true for me now (Mexico training and Ayurveda!) All too often I skip over the celebrating part and go right onto the next thing. But I so clearly see the value of pausing between.

I also spent some time also pondering the best ways to take care of mySelf in Mexico for what is sure to be an intense time.

Tomorrow I'm leaving for Philadelphia to go join sever other entrepreneurs for business mentoring. Yay for my very first business retreat. I'll be back Saturday. I'm taking the pinktop along so hopefully I'll have time to post about what I'm learning.

What about you? Any dreams coming true that you're celebrating/acknowledging? Have you make the transition to fall?

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