Wednesday, September 22, 2010

cleanse, days 2 & 3

At the end of day three for my cleanse and all is well! I had a moment yesterday. I was having a busy day, doing tasks that aren't my fave....not my happy places. I was feeling a little irritable and I thought, "I want a latte." So I stayed with that thought. Noticed how my body was feeling in the moment. And while my mind was saying to me, "Yes a latte will make all this better!", my intellect, the place of wisdom within me knew that I didn't reallllly need a latte. The latte craving was simply a way that I couldn't "sweeten up" my crappy mood. It was out of habit. Out of pattern.

Happy to report that I am still latte free. :) And eating wholesome foods. No dairy, no sugar, no bread. Here is what I've had the last two days:

Breakfast was a strawberry smoothie (handful of strawberries bleneded with a cup of soymilk. Lovvvve this smoothie. Not too thick and not too cold for me. That's it in the pic above.
Lunch was leftovers from the night before which was parsnip and apple soup, veggies, and a made a serving of barley.
Dinner was a cup of black bean soup.

Breakfast was another strawberry smoothie.
Had lunch with sis and nieces at Mr. Kabab. I had the lentil soup and grape leaves. The grape leaves were probably a little too heavy, but I made the best decision I could. I was gonna have the greek salad but they have them already made up and they were topped with feta cheese.
On the way home from the studio I had a peach and dinner was a cup of tomato soup. Yep, lots of soup. Good thing we're into fall. :)

As I sit here writing Andy and I are watching some show on TLC and this gal is addicted to soda. She has 30 a day! Yes, 30 a day!!

And I just realized I've posted three whole times on my blog today. Pretty certain that's a record. Adios mi amigas!

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llllll said...

I watched the first few minutes of that soda episode. Almost as bad as hoarders.