Tuesday, September 21, 2010

day one of kapha cleanse

Yay, all was well with the first day of the kapha reducing cleanse!

*At about 10:00 I had breakfast which was strawberries and a pear.
*Had plain coffee....no cream, no sugar.
*Just after 1:00 I juiced two carrots, two celery stalks, two apples, and half a lemon. Would have thrown in some spinach but it had gone bad. This ended up being my lunch. I had planned to have something else but this did the trick.
*I cooked and Andy and I ate around 5:30 (we love to eat dinner early). I made a parsnip and apple soup and baked veggies (the ones in the pic above). I liked both of them ok, but I have to be honest and say they weren't my fave. I however, was a much bigger fan than Andy. Let's just say that he started the cleanse with me, but has now oficially broken the cleanse. ;)
*At about 8:00 I made a cuppa warm soymilk with ginger, pumpkin, and cinnamom spices. It was de-lish.

I felt really good all day long. I was never really hungry, maybe my tummy growled a wee bit before dinner. And it was Monday! I do love Monday. I do think ideally it's great to be able to take a staycation (and be at home) when doing a cleanse. Although I was super surprised when I did the 10 day Master Cleanse at how easy it way. Actually it was most likely cause there was really no food prep. You just drank the concoction!

Alright loads to do on this end! Wishing you a healthy and happy day.

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