Monday, August 04, 2008


"If I get stuck in who I am now, I will never blossom into who I might yet become. I need to practice the gentle art of letting go."
~Sam Keen

I've been thinking a lot about Barefoot Works and the direction(s) that I want to move in. It's been an interesting process. For four years now I've mostly focused on becoming a good yoga teacher. For four years I've lived, breathed, walked, talked and sang the art of being a better yoga student and a better yoga teacher. Two of those years was prior to opening the studio and the other two has been since the opening of the studio. All that work has paid off. I'm happy & confident with who I am a teacher. Now I'm realizing that I need to give up a little control to grow in other areas.

With the business part of the studio I have many other hats that I wear of a daily basis.

Here is what happens when my phone rings....
Ring, Ring (actually it's Micheal Franti singing)
"May I speak to the person in charge of your advertising?"
This is she.
"Oh wow that rarely happens."

And if someone was calling about the person in charge of accounting, public relations, teaching, or cleaning the studio. I again would answer....this is she.

I'm realizing that in order to grow Barefoot Works and to grow the yoga tribe here in Lexington I need to take a serious look at how I'm spending my time and decide the best place to focus my energy. With a tiny bit of sadness and a bit more excitment I will be giving a couple of my classes away to some of our recent graduates of teacher training. We'll also be adding some new things to the schedule. With the new addition of teachers and classes I need to focus some energy on filling those classes and helping my teachers be the best they can be. I need to spend some time visualizing where I want to take Barefoot Works and spend more time making a plan on how to get there.

This will be an interesting shift for me because I LOVE to teach and share yoga. So of course my plan is to continue teaching and sharing my love of yoga. I cannot imagine not doing this. But to do it in a way that allows me to focus more on the building of Barefoot Works.

The changes scare me a little. But I've never been one to get stuck in a place of fear.
Feel the fear.
Respect the fear.
But do in anyway.
Because don't we all want to blossom to the absolute best we can be?

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