Sunday, August 31, 2008

the good stuff

I'm happy today.
Life feels full.
And if feels good.

The good stuff is not the yoga clothes that I love, nor the new nail polish I've fallen for. It's not a rug for my house, nor this cup of coffee I'm enjoying. It's not the pose I'm trying to perfect. It's not even dreams of places near and far.

It's the serene and beautiful lake that I got to spend the day at yesterday. Seeing the sun shimmer on the lake was enough to remind me of the spark that exists within us all. I felt lucky to be in the presence of this pretty place.

It was the family that I love. The one that I appreciate more and more every day.
It's the sharing, talking and the laughing that really puts it all into perspective. It's seeing how we're all so very different, yet so very alike at the same time.

It was the drive back through small towns like Booneville, Beatyville, Ravenna, and Irvine. It was seeing the sun shine so brightly through the trees. It was winding around the hills, up and down the valleys.

It was the talks of spirit, meditation, and prayer.

It's just enough to make you realize how lucky you are.
How life is always full of the good stuff when we stop and take notice.

What's the good stuff in your weekend?

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