Wednesday, August 20, 2008

the yoga love

I met a yoga friend at Coffee Times yesterday (imagine that ;-) to catch up. We hadn't seen each other in a while so we had plenty to chat about. Our chat quickly turned to yoga as it does often (and quickly) with most of my yoga buds. We spoke of trainings we'd been to, ones we hoped to attend, yoga teacher training, and future projects.
We chatted about how yoga is definitely on an upswing here in Lexington which is so very exciting to see and to be a part of. I explained how I felt about this, stating basically that it's all very fabulous. And like all good yogi's we decide how amazing the world would be if only we all did a down dog a day. Even if half of the people in Lexington practiced yoga, can you imagine the difference?

Could you imagine if every person you walked by on the street knew that something as simple as breathing deeply could calm them down?
And what if all these people knew the importance of not harming themselves (ahimsa) or others?
What if they knew that we're not so different and that really we have much in common, that we are indeed connected?
What if they talked nicely to themselves and those they encounter?
What if they knew they were beautiful and kind and perfect and filled with peace somewhere in their body and they just had to dig a little deeper to discover it?
What if they radiated joy just because it's better this way?
What if they had a healthy body and an open mind?

I can see it. Can you? Please keep spreading the yoga love! Share what you know, how yoga makes you feel better, how it makes you more nice, and all those other reasons you keep rolling your mat out.


Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed!
As Martha would say, "Yoga, it's a good thing!"

Emily said...

speaking of yoga love, we need to have a bolster making party for the studio! Or eye pillows...what do you think?