Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I'm here at the studio applying some major focus in getting some things done that I've been procrastinating on. I did want to drop a note and say hi and give you some links worth checking out. Each has a connection to Barefoot Works!

Crystal Heis, lovely yogini at BW - Entertaining blog post, titled "Don't try this at home". I bet you're already intrigued. :-)

Emily, phenomenal yoga teacher at BW - Entertaining blogging on hives, yoga, nursing school and life in general. Adam, her husband takes incredible photos. Check out their month long journey to Alaska and back. Before you know if you'll be ready to head our on your own adventure.

Teresa, world's greatest teacher of pranayama and meditation - You'll enjoy learning more about her and all the great things she's doing on her website.

Retta, cutest hair at BW (yes I just officially assigned you that title) - I just discovered this from a comment she left. So of course I must share. ;-)

Shannon, one of BW's most gifted artist - Have to be careful here cause we have a few talented artist that frequent BW. But I have to give props to Shannon because her work is amazing AND she's from my neck of the woods. And so is Retta.

Debra - BW's best sense of humor and she is such a smarty a good way of course. Check out her blog if you're in the field of massage therapy or need some biz know how.

Leigh Ann - one of BW's first yoga teachers. Most of you probably don't know Leigh Ann, but she taught here when I very first opened. She's a great friend and she has the cutest new baby boy named Tate. Check him out here. Because really, who doesn't enjoy a little buddha baby?

There that should keep you busy for a few minutes. I'm back to happily working!


Emily said...

yay! more blogs to distract me from whatever i should really be many cool Barefoot Works gals!

Retta said...

Thanks for the links and linking to me! And I shall try to represent my new title with graciousness and poise :)

hundredsofsparrows said...

This is maybe my favorite Barefoot post ever. It's super cool to find out about the people you see so many times a week. Thanks Sharon!