Tuesday, September 20, 2011

i'm thinking....

I'm thinking that if I plan and play my cards just right I can spend a full two months on the beach next year. Yes two whole months, part work, part play. Yay. Am I the only one planning out 2012?

I'm thinking it's about time I order new yoga pants. And these folks are the ones that have a huge selection AND petites for the shorty yoginis like me. :)

I'm thinking about the yoga goodness this week: an eight week meditation class that begins on Wednesday and Sarah's workshop on Friday, the first day of fall. Perfect.

I'm thinking about roadtrips. One with Andy to Cleveland area for a wedding (yay a wedding!!) and one with my BFF. BFF and I are overdue as the last one we took was a long and mostly miserable roadtrip when I moved back from TX. I don't even think that one really counts.

I'm thinking of all things yoga taking place at that amazing beach house above come next April. Excited for me and the yoginis signed up so far. Yip!

I'm thinking about the online yoga AND writing course I signed up for. How I debated if I should sign up for "one more online course". I've certainly been known to sign up in the heat of the moment, then not fully participate. Ooops. But this one, it's two of my fave things combined and I'm super excited. It begins in a couple of weeks.

I'm thinking about seeing friends I don't get to see. Dreaming of rendezvousing to Las Vegas and meeting two special gals (one in Houston, one in Seattle).

I'm thinking of a perfect upcoming yoga teacher training in Tulum. Ok, I'll settle for a little less than perfect, but not much less.

I'm thinking of fall flavors, pumpkin lattes and butternut squash.

I'm thinking that it's kinda crazy that Barefoot Works is now rockin' it's sixth year as a studio, eighth year as a yoga biz. Crazy. Cool.

I'm thinking about being the blending master and making nutritious drinkable meals for my Mama.

I'm thinking about my fave holiday of all, Thanksgiving. Teaching a donation class on Thanksgiving then going home to celebrate with family, eat too much, pretend to watch football, and walk up the mountain behind the house.

I'm thinking about another silent retreat to Cedars of Peace where I will make a fire, eat at the small desk, peer out the window into the woods, walk in the snow, cry, celebrate, and bring closure to the year.

How about you, what are you thinking about?

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CPK said...

I'm thinking YTT Tulum will be what it will be - it's own perfect self.