Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Oh September, I adore you so far. We have so much good stuff in store this month. I highlighted much of it in the newsletter that was emailed out a couple days ago.

Next Friday we are having a five year par-tee complete with live cello music then lite eats and gathering of yogis. Next Saturday from 11:00 - 12:00 I'm leading a beginner yoga class. This is a perfect opportunity to bring your friend or partner to yoga. I won't scare them at all. Promise. Afterward I'll stay and answer questions about yoga.

On Sunday September 11 I'm gathering on the phone from 12:00 - 6:00 with the trainees for the Tulum intensive yoga teacher training. I can't wait for this. We've all been hanging out on a private FB page so it already feels like we sorta know one another. Today on FB we all shared our dosha. :) On Sunday we'll do intros, I'll speak on preparing physically, mentally, and emotionally for this intense (and oh so amazing) training. I'll check in about the homework students are completing prior to arriving in Tulum. I'll talk about what to pack (we're talking mats, blocks, straps, blankets and other random things you need in Tulum like flashlights and bug spray). Teresa will have a two hour session with the trainees, doing an introduction to Sanskrit. I love that Sweet T gets to be a part of the training in this way and the students get a little taste of her general awesomeness. I'll do another two hour session on meditation. It's expected that students are sitting daily prior to Tulum. Once the training begins we have daily 30 minuted meditations. Yay....students from ALL over + Tulum + yoga teacher training = an ecstatic Sharon

Wednesday, September 21 Patrick Holloway is beginning an 8 week meditation course. I'm actually subbing for Sarah that night so I'm happy that I get to hang around and participate. AND get this....the full 8 week course is only $40. Or you can do drop-ins for $10. Patrick has been an on again off again student at the studio. When he emailed me proposing this I immediately felt good with it. When we met at Coffee Times to chat over coffee I left feeling even better. I am quite careful and a lil picky about who teaches at the tree house. Aren't all Mama's careful with who gets to babysit their children? Same thing, here. I'm gladly welcoming Patrick into the studio and look forward to him sharing in our sweet and sacred space. So come. And bring your friends too. And your enemies. Perhaps if they learn to meditate you'll both be better off. ;)

On the first day of fall, September 23 Sarah is leading a workshop for this month's theme....contemplation. If you haven't downloaded this month's goodies then do so here. Sarah is such a phenomenal teacher. If you've taken her class you know what I'm talking about. Her energy, her presence, her wisdom, her knowledge all lend itself beautifully to this month's workshop. Last month we filled and had to turn yogis away. We don't want to turn you away so register quickly!

All sorts of goodness happening at the studio this month. And I've added another intensive yoga teacher training (this one in the Outer Banks of NC)and we are rockin' the registration so far.

Speaking of goodness...each month when I send the newsletter out I usually get email back from students. Yesterday I got the most amazing message from a student. She said,

"What I really like about your newsletter is all of the “extra” information you can go to like your monthly themes. This is so much more than just going to a studio and taking classes. You are creating a place where folks can go to not only to practice yoga, but learn about it. It’s a lifestyle, and believe it or not, your newsletter compels one to want to jump over to the tree house and take classes and attend the workshops, or just hang out and be a part of the yogi life there. Other newsletters I have seen just simply list classes and workshops. Yours has lots of little presents inside!"

Amazing. I LOVE this idea of having "little presents" within the newsletter. If you can think of other ways to make our newsletter richer, juicier, or more engaging to read please let me know.

As we're nearing the fifth anniversary of Barefoot Works this message from this sweet gal just melted my heart. It's everything I hope to offer to students.

Happy sigh. Good nite friends.


Mia said...

Wow - big, big, BIG congratulations Sharon! I always wish I could be part of your yoga community. But I'm so very glad that you share this community through your blog. Or maybe, if I "om" enough I might somehow end up in your delightful tree house ;-)

Dr. Leigh Ann Simmons said...

okay lady, I'm nailing you down for a visit en route to/from the training. I've put the dates in my calendar. SO want to see you - we need to catch up by phone too. been teaching this week, so it's crazy, but will call you next week. happy 5th anniversary. I still love my 3-month postpartum photo with you on anniversary # 2 where we're rocking utthita hasta padangustasana together. can't wait to catch up. namaste, xo, LA