Monday, September 26, 2011

breathe easy

I always keep a yoga book of some sort on hand. Yesterday Andy and I were driving and I picked up the book "Light on Yoga" that lay at my feet in my box car (sorry Mr. Iyengar). No, I wasn't driving silly. Andy was.

I flipped open to a page and my eyes landed on this:

"The normal rate of breaths per minute is 15. This rate increases when the body is upset by indigestion, fever, cold and cough, or by emotions like fear, anger, or lust. The normal rate of breathing is 21,600 breaths inhaled and exhaled every 24 hours. The yogi measures his span of life not by the number of days, but of breaths. Since breathing is lengthened in pranayama, its practice leads to longevity."

I love that he makes the connection of the breathing being upset by both physical and mental disturbances.

Pause. Close your eyes. And breathe sweetly for just a minute. Your body and mind will thank you. :)

Breathe easy this rainy Monday my friends.


**photo taken during a rainy Morning morning meditation**

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