Sunday, September 18, 2011

how to create a vision board

Last week I posted a photo on FB of my kitchen table. It was scattered with a big piece of foam board, magazines, ripped photos, paint, glue, and so on. It was quiet a mess.

All week long it looked as if our kitchen table had puked up arts and crafts time. I declared to Andy on Friday that I was finishing my vision board up this weekend.

I did so today. Yay! Feeling inspired a giddy about my new vision. That's it posted above and there are visions for writing a book, having a place to practice yoga in the woods, a place on the beach, and more. I do love a good dream. :)

A friend had asked on FB how to go about creating a vision board. Here are some tips and ideas:

First off, some of you might be asking, "What the heck is a vision board?"

A vision board represents your dreams and desires!

You can use a poster board you use and compile words and images of things you want in your life, or images/words that evoke powerful feelings for you. Pretty simple, right?

Options for the vision board:
1. You can focus on a specific area of your life (work, family, relationships, home, travel, etc)
2. You can vary and cover major areas of your life (relationships, work, wellness, hobbies, home)
3. You can be even more specific by creating a theme (such as home, health, travel, family, etc).

Get clarity by asking questions and perhaps journaling:
If money, time, judgments or fears were not factors – what would I want to do, be, or have?
What’s the one thing that will make me come most alive?
What are my dreams, big and small?
What excites me?

Now the fun part (ok I think it's all fun, but I'm sorta dorky like that)!
Flip through magazines (have a variety of types on hand)
Clip or tear out photos and texts you are drawn too. Don't analyze it, just go with your first instinct.
Sort through the images.
Arrange images into groups for themes.
Paste the words and images and decorate your vision board!

Place your vision board somewhere you can see it. Pay attention to it. Listen to your guidance. Pay attention to opportunities (then jump on them). Take a few chances. Be willing to make a few mistakes.

Just for the record, I don't fall into the camp that believes repeating mantras or looking at your vision board alone will make your dreams come true. I think that's only part of the equation and that we must be willing to do the work, take the risks, and reallllly believe that we are worthy of our dreams.

With the fall equinox just around the corner it's the perfect time to craft a new vision for yourself. Some people this time of year to be like a second new year. Happy almost (fall) new year!

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