Friday, September 16, 2011

a look back + so much thanks

As I'm running around today picking up flowers, candles, food, and other random items it finally struck me....I'm celebrating five whole years of yoga. Five years of a yoga studio. Five years of Barefoot Works.

I stopped midstream of putting the flowers in water and allowed myself a few moments to sit with the awe I was feeling.

Five years of any business is reason to celebrate.
Five years of a yoga studio in lil ol' Lexington, KY is reason to celebrate.
Five years of a yoga studio ran by a gal with no formal business training + no money to start said studio with is even more reason to celebrate.

Even in typing that I feel a sense of being careful. In moments like these I nearly pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. I love what I do. I truly, 100%, without a doubt love how I get to spend my time, doing work that I feel fierce about.

And I know without a doubt that if you are reading this, if you've ever been to a class at the studio, if you've even been on retreat with me then you are the reason I get to do what I love.

As I was going through old photos it hit me just how sweet my life really is. It's certainly not perfect, yet there are few things I would change. And the people I get to spend my days with....words can't even describe. The kindest, most thoughtful, interesting, compassionate people walk through the doors at Barefoot Works. It is truly an amazing community.

With a humble, grateful, and full heart I salute you. Enjoy a look back through the years.

Grand opening of Barefoot Works! These are my friends I went through training with. All lovelies!

This sweet yogini was just a teen here and was one of the first students I ever taught.

My very first group for yoga teacher training. Awww...I learned so much from them!

Me + Leigh Ann and her fine new mama self.

A par-tee, partner yoga style. Love this pic!

New in progress

Roadtrip to Nashville with BW's teachers to get our yoga on.

First class ever at the new location. It's early here. Not so sure the yogis are awake yet, photo taken before sun salutations.

Celebrating the birth of a treehouse....BW's new hOMe!

Yoga teacher training. This pic and this group of people make my heart sing + do flips.

Tulum....I got love for ya! And you too Becky.

Me + Appalachia + Yoga teacher training = dream come true. Fun times in Hazard

Fall yoga retreat to NC + crafty yoginis!

Mr. Works putting up lights at the studio. :)

Thanksgiving Day! A donation based class on my fave holiday. This just might be my fave class to teach all year. Love it.

Working on vision boards and welcoming the new year yogi style!

Yoga sutra study. Good times. For real!

Yoga teacher training!

Kundalini Yoga workshop with my bud Shelli Carpenter


Becky said...

what a lovely photo history of an amazing community! congratulations dear sharon - or my favorite version - mabrouk & mazel tov!

Jen said...

Congratulations, Sharon! I hope the celebration was fantastic.