Tuesday, September 06, 2011

homemade vegan ice cream

Little secret (for some).....Andy and I LOVE ice cream. We love. love. love it.
We love it on any day. We love it in any season. We're those people in line getting ice cream in the dead of winter.

Both Andy and I are trying to have much less dairy these days. We don't keep any in the house. We have coconut and almond milk for cereal and smoothies. On the rare occasion that we need butter we use earth balance (which tastes just like the real thing, for reals). We found a cheese substitute we like (finally, that took a while) in daiya. We don't make eggs. I never liked them anyway. Unless of course if they're mixed in with cake batter or brownies.

I started making this banana ice cream last fall. I can't believe I'm just now sharing it. Last night we both had a craving for something sweet. We'd returned from Owensboro with a few days with The Tessandoris and to say we ate terribly is putting it mildly.

I could feel us both tipping towards ice cream. You scream. We were both ready to scream for ice cream.

So instead I ran frantically to the kitchen. Yanked out the frozen bananas and made peanut butter ice cream that was vegan, much healthier, and satisfied our sweet tooth.

It's ridiculously easy. You don't need an ice cream machine thing. Just a food processor....

Put frozen bananas in the food processor. I always have some on hand for smoothies. And ice cream of course. Use 1 to 1.5 per person. Add just a tablespoon or so of liquid (water or any milk substitute). Mix until it crumbles like below.

Add any fill-ins. I added a couple tablespoons peanut butter and a couple teaspoons of brown sugar. You could do anything here....frozen fruit, cocoa, chocolate chips, fruit jam, etc. Mix. Add more liquid if needed to create desired consistency.

When you are finished you get the creamiest, dreamiest tasting vegan ice cream. Really, it's good. If it satisfies two ice cream lovers like Andy and myself it will surely satisfy all.

I like it creamy like this. If you want it more frozen then just throw it in a Tupperware container and freeze for a couple hours.

Serve in a wine glass. Sprinkle with any toppings. Most of all, enjoy!

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Mia said...

Hi Sharon! I love making this banana ice cream too! Yum. Except I never get to the "serve in wine glasses" part (so elegant, by the way!) - I end up eating it straight out of the food processor! :)