Friday, March 30, 2012

I love being a yogi entrepreneur

I'm at Coffee Times working now and felt the need to take a break and share just a bit of my excitement in leading the daylong workshop The Right Brain Business Plan tomorrow.

I've had a ball getting ready for this workshop.

The books are at the studio.
The goody bags are all complete and ready.
The handouts and worksheets are all stuffed in big envelopes.
The snacks have been purchased.
The magazines have been gathered and ready to be cut up and collaged.
We've got scissors, and glue. and modge podge, and tape, and pretty paper, and so on.

I've relished each part of the process. I've made myself notes. Underlined and highlighted parts of my book. Outlined the day.

I've pondered my own creative, right brain business planning and journey in general.

Just this week I had a lovely conversation with Lisa, a virtual assistant based out of Colorado. We were chatting about our paths in entrepreneurship and she noted that it seems like I've been an entrepreneur for most of my (adult) life.

Then it hit me that I have. Much like my brother Joel who was a huge inspiration for me (and still is) in taking the jump.

The truth is that in my mid twenties I knew on some deep level that this was the road I desperately wanted to take. I have friends at that age who knew wholeheartedly that they wanted a baby.

I felt that way about my work, my passion. Yoga has been the container for all of that.

Several weeks ago I was highlighted on Jenn Lee's, Right Brainers in Business Summit. I watched the replay back and after saw how cheeky, grinny, smiley I was. I had to chuckle at myself.

One thing was very obvious to me. That was how excited, how lit up I got when talking about being in business.

So for these reasons and more I'm just over the moon to be guiding fellow dreamers and friends through a process that I have experienced and believe in. It's gonna be good! I can't wait.....

**I did some spring cleaning around the treehouse yesterday. This included moving the plants around and buying a new plant (cacti +succulent) for our altar. The photo above shows some of that plus the students who really brought their A game to yoga yesterday. They rocked it. I loved it.**

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