Friday, March 09, 2012

the power of one pose

When newbies come into the studio to have a chat with me or sign up to take classes there are a few questions asked repeatedly.

One such question is, "How often should I practice yoga?"

We then have a discussion about their schedule, their needs, their willingness to make a commitment to the yoga practice, and what they can realistically commit to.

Even with the newbies that don't yet know the power within this simple yet profound practice I tell them, "It's always my hope that students can do a little daily. Practicing one pose, taking five mindful breaths, or spending as little as five minutes can create positive change."

I've been thinking about this and I've got even more clear on it.

Students can come to class once a week or five times a week. They can blow through their practice. Be totally in their head the whole time, more concerned with the person next to them. Not listening inward, but dedicating all their attention outward.

Or a student can wake up in the morning, know they have a busy day ahead, and dedicate five minutes to themselves on the mat. They can set the intention that those five minutes are solely dedicated to loving and nurturing themselves. They are fully present. Feeling the presence of the breath. Noticing the interaction between the body and the breath. They receive the beauty, the energy, and the goodness of the breath.

So yes, while I want people to continue coming to the treehouse and learning yoga, it's equally important to me (and more crucial to their own health and well-being) that they commit to doing a little daily.

Maybe it's more about the quality and less about the quantity. Maybe it's not the number nor the complexity of the poses, but how you personally regard the pose and the practice.

As always, you get to choose.

If you are doing yoga to get stronger yet you find yourself only in restorative yoga classes you may not get the desired result.

If your yoga is a spiritual practice and you are practicing as a way to love, honor and trust yourself yet everything takes precedence over your practice and you rarely make it to your mat then you may not get the desired result.

Getting clear on why you do yoga is certainly fuel for your practice.

What's your one go to yoga pose you can do daily and love it up? I'm a total downward facing dog kinda gal.

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skw said...

planks!---up, down, and both sides. and i say the same thing to my students---frequent, short yoga moments are the goal.