Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wah! in lexington

I drove home last night after the Wah! concert feeling so full.

My head was swimming with the happy reality of her being at the treehouse.
My heart was pulsing with a deep sense of gratitude.

Grateful for the opportunity to be a part of hosting Wah! This was a first for Lexington. Big kudos to Cindy at The Massage Center for calling me up to be a part of it. Big kudos to my yoga bud Shelli Carpenter who got this ball rolling. She is the owner of Eternal Health Yoga and is hosting Wah! tonight and tomorrow.

Grateful for being a part of the experience. I mean, really how cool is this? Wah has been a part of my yoga teaching life since the very beginning. She has sang to me and a bunch of yoga students through the years. It felt a bit surreal.

Grateful for the community of sweet yoga souls around me that sang and swayed and stretched and smiled throughout the evening. It was just the loveliest of things. Almost as if you could reach your hand out and touch love itself.


At the end of the night someone says, "Wow, this was just amazing. You guys are doing such great work. What's next?"

For now I'm resisting the urge to dive onward to planning the next thing. This doesn't come easily nor naturally to me.

Instead I'll continue to bask in the richness of the experience.

And follow Wah to Louisville tonight for 2.5 hours of a "sound workshop". It's gonna be a fun evening with a few treehouse teachers. I can't wait.

Feels like a vacation week.

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