Friday, March 23, 2012

my kentucky hOMe

I just returned home from three pretty perfect days at the beach. BFF and I have been traveling to Indian Rocks Beach for about 15 years, which officially makes me feel not old, not even necessarily mature, but maybe my actual age of almost 35.

We had perfect weather. Sunny, 80 degree temps, and a nice breeze. We took morning walks as the sun was rising to fetch donuts. Dolphins accompanied us up the beach on our first morning. The last day we discovered a great lil French bakery a mile walk down the beach the other direction. A good thing that was discovered on the last day.

We sat at the water's edge and read. We bobbed in the pool. We sat on the balcony that overlooks the Gulf and watched the sea change colors. We saw a breathtaking sunset. Got too much sun, had a lot of laughs, won the trivia match, met some interesting folks, and spoke of upcoming change and transitions.

Yet when our plane descended from the clouds and I saw Central Kentucky and all it's beauty, I felt a wave of joy. A feeling that only can be described as feeling at home, and in awe of this oh so special place.

I stepped outside the airport and smelled the rain, fresh cut grass,the blooming flowers and trees. A smile spread across my face and I realized there was absolutely, positively, no other place I'd rather be.

Spring time in Kentucky. There is nothing else like it.

hOme sweet hOMe....

**All classes are taking place this weekend as scheduled.* Come Friends.*

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