Monday, March 12, 2012

coach cal didn't "fix" darius miller

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The yogini in me makes her appearance in the most interesting places.

Yesterday she showed up during the big match, the showdown between UK and Vanderbilt.

First off, I'm a big Darius Miller fan. Maybe because he's a KY boy. Maybe because he's humble. He's got a way in which his fierceness shows up in a cool, calm, and quiet way. I can appreciate that.

So when I saw him play two games during the SEC tournament and not score a single basket, I was a little sad for him.

Yesterday during the Vandy game he got his mojo back. He was making baskets. Fist pumping and unearthing a big hearty smile. Oh wait, was that also the three goggles? Why yes, it was.

So I was slightly annoyed when the sportscaster said, "Coach Cal did what great coaches do. He fixed Darius Miller."
Oh geez. Really?

I immediately said to Andy, who was sitting on the coach (gnawing on his fingernails), "He didn't FIX Miller."

Call me crazy, but Andy wasn't in the mood to go deep into conversation about Coach Cals inability to "fix" people. We put it aside and went back to nail biting and rallying the Cats.

What I really think is that Coach Cal can inspire Darius Miller. He can remind Miller is his goodness, his greatness on the basketball court. Letting his know that it's very much present and there, waiting for him to confidently take back.

He can remind him that he's playing his last of four years (and come on, that's a rarity at UK now and should alone be celebrated) at UK.

He can remind him that he's a leader on this team and people are looking to him to lead the way.

Coach Cal can remind him of a lot of things.

Coach Cal does indeed do a lot of things.

But he can't "fix" Darius Miller.

Miller is much more than a young man (temporarily) playing basketball at UK. He's more than the baskets he does or doesn't make.

You can't fix something that's not broken.

Let the Darius Miller loving commence.

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Look at you, blogging about basketball. Andy must be so proud ;)