Thursday, March 29, 2012

leeann carey yoga

Here is a teeny tiny glimpse into our weekend with Miss Leeann Carey last weekend. I wanted to post a few pictures before it totally gets away from me.

This was Leeann's third visit in the past year. Each time just gets better and better. Our groups have been pretty consistent so Leeann has a good idea of each of us and where we are as teachers and students.

Each time she begins with a check in and I'm surprised by just how much she does recall about each of us. "How's the knee? Ohhh you still don't like backbends (that would be me) etc, etc. Although that supported fish pose in the bottom left corner of the collage pretty much rocked my world. Now I just need to hire someone to hold me in that pose daily for a couple of minutes.

I feel deeply deeply appreciative that Leeann travels all the way from Los Angeles to work with us here at Barefoot Works. I'm continually inspired by her teaching. The skill she has for seeing what's happening in the poses and in the body is simply amazing.

Plus she's accessible, funny and pretty freakin' cute. Just look at her. Agree?

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