Sunday, March 18, 2012

happy random

Such a treat to live to here in the great bluegrass state! Spring is quickly arriving and it's such a feast for my eyes. I look around and see the grass growing greener before my eyes. Yet it seems like it happens overnight....spring, that is. How does it happen so quickly?

Simply astounding.

This past week offered many other treats. I'm still reveling in the joy of having Wah! at the treehouse on Tuesday. A day a later Sarah, Jeanne, Laura and myself hopped on over to Louisville and had dinner at Zen Garden (an Asian vegetarian restaurant) then participated in a sound workshop taught by Wah! Total treat. Spending good quality time with gals I adore, singing, chanting, bonding, and have delicious conversations.

In the middle of the week I went on a work picnic too! I laid in the grass by the big pond (or is that a man made lake or are the same?), ate my lunch, read, made notes, and did some journaling. Between the beautiful weather, picnics, Wah! and roadtrips it was pretty perfect.

Then we had a great weekend of basketball games. I do love this time of year and am a big fan of college basketball! It' about THE only sport I actually delight in sharing with Andy.

Today I gathered on the phone with the NC yoga teacher trainees from 11:30 - 5:00. We talked about what to expect and getting ready for the training (everything from what to pack/bring, to making lists of "things" that we needed to do/tend do before arriving, getting all the hOMework completed prior to training, etc). My good pal Shelli Carpenter and antaomy guru Jules Mitchell also got to introduce themselves and share for a while on the topics they will be teaching.

It's sure to be an awesome group and I am filled with anticipation.

But first things first. With the week that felt like a total vacation I nearly forgot that I'm actually leaving tomorrow for an actual vacay. I'm taking my annual trip to the beach with my BFF. I take few trips that aren't work/yoga related (and no I'm absolutely not complaining) and this is one of the few.

Yip,'s time for big sunglasses, tank tops, flip flops, beach reads, tasty fruit drinks, key lime pie, swimming,late night talks, and long walks on the beach.

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Mia said...

LOVE the photo of your feet in sandals amidst the wildflowers! So pretty.