Monday, April 02, 2012

what the heck is yoga nidra?

Do you love the end of a delicious yoga practice? Many students love savasana, the closing pose in all of our practices. It’s a quiet time when you lie still, relax, and integrate your practice.

This is similar to yoga nidra. Known as “yogic sleep”, yoga nidra is a state of deep sleep, however with conscious awareness. To access yoga nidra, yogis use a systematic method of inducing complete mental, emotional, and physical relaxation. Yoga Nidra is a tool for examining, attending to, and eliminating our habitual patterns or samskaras.

Here is what a yoga nidra practice can look like:
• Getting comfortable lying down
• Stating your sankalpa, or your intention for your practice
• Rotation of consciousness through the body (aids physical relaxation)
• Establishing awareness of the breath (also aids physical relaxation)
• Feelings and sensations practice (aids emotional relaxation)
• Visualization practice (aids mental relaxation)
• Reconnecting with your sankapla and slowly coming out of the sleep state

What does this mean for you in your life? It means that when you finish the practice you feel relaxed and refreshed. …calm yet alert and awake. Some students report that they feel more energized after a practice, some sleep better, and some simply state “feeling good.” Feeling good usually means we feel whole, complete, less stressed, and more alive.

We’ve added a monthly hour long yoga nidra to our class schedule. This takes place on Sunday from 5:30 – 6:30 and counts as a regular class.

Join us for a delicious taste of yoga nidra on April 29 and May 20.

I guarantee you'll sleep like Baby Max afterwards. :)

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