Thursday, April 19, 2012

it is an intensive yoga teacher training!

Hellllooo Dear Friends, We're five days into our yoga teacher training! Yip...happy! All is well here in the Outer Banks.

The yoginis are rocking along. We've covered sun salutations, standing poses, balancing poses and more.

We've dived into the oh so juicy eight limbs of yoga.
And the five make my heart go pitter patter.

We're talking Sanskrit, yoga speak, and breath cues. There are toes touching the sand daily. And a few nose dives into the Atlantic Ocean.

We're dancing meditating levitating gravitating to the love y'all.
We've got Shelli on the harmonium...
We've got kirtan, singing, and yoga yelling.

Did I mention daily hot tubbin' and sauna sittin'. These bodies are working hard hard hard.

We're sharing the most delicious meals ever (thank you Miss Jen Lile) prepared with so much intention, attention, focus,and heaps of love.

There are blocks and bolsters and blankets and straps and yoga mats covering this yoga mansion which today we learned Jennifer Lopez and rented and stayed in the yoga mansion. Yep, cool.

As the yoginis practice and I teach, out the window we see dolphins dipping in the ocean. Birds soaring, pelicans diving, even deer frolicking! Yes, deer!

I see them supporting one another. A hug here. A kind word there. Sharing and caring. Becoming a true yoga community in and of themselves.

Different. Yet the same.

It's just THE coolest thing ever.

I thank the sun, moon, and stars daily for this opportunity to be here doing this work with these people.



Sue Julian said...

Midway through the wonderful training and delicious practice!!!! Sending energy for inner space to open and receive all offerings of the universe. Let waves of prana roll in and out in eternal rhythms of life. Om shanti shanti shanti.

Mia said...

Everyone and everything looks so delightful!

I can almost feel the wonderful energy from the photos... aaaahhh the joys of teacher training :)

(Hi, Jen!)

Sue Julian said...

Abundant blessings to all yoginis completing their practice teach today. Showers of love and congratulations to Barbara - you did it!!!!! In today's yoga class at The Folded Leaf we will honor your studies and inspirational efforts as we move in through and out of Warrior 1 - victory style ;-)