Wednesday, December 01, 2010

on being a spiritual hillbilly

Last night I was putting my laundry away. Not a chore that I love so much, but I'd put it off for....lets just say a while. I pulled my cute lil "spiritual cowgirl" shirt out to fold up and put away. I do love this shirt. It's long sleeve. A nice length. Not too thick. Not too thin. The perfect shirt for yoga.

I thought to myself, Yes I'm a spiritual gal. A cowgirl maybe not so much. A hillbilly would be more appropriate. A hillbilly typically refers to people who dwell in the rural, remote, and mountainous area known as Appalachia. I'm sure you are familiar. I imagine you may have heard or watched the nice little special Diane Sawyer did on the area of Eastern KY.

But please don't go throwing the word hillbilly around. Those of us born and raised in this area use term more as a celebration, a way of connecting to one another. But when others throw the term around in a derogatory way, it's more about judgement then celebration.

When I teach my private yoga sessions I ask my students to call me out if I speak "yoga lingo". Meaning I say something that makes total sense to me and they have no clue what it means. Us yogi's we can do that.

As a hillbilly we also have our very own secret language. Andy usually learns at least one new term or phrase every time we go home. Last week at home I said something about someone "cuttin' a shine". Andy says, "huh?". I further explain that it's the equivalent of throwing a temper tantrum.

I've been thinking a lot about home these days. Thinking of the most useful was to integrate who I was then and who I am now (cause I definately wasn't vegetarian growing up). Home, such a precious place to me. Maybe tomorrow I'll share my top hillbilly life lessons.

But don't call me a hillbilly. Unless of course you are a hillbilly yourself. ;)

PS - Photo above is of my gramma Zolie, dad (cute lil blonde boy in the front), aunts and uncles. Thanks for the photo Irene.


Retta said...

Yep, I totally understand this post. Trying to reconcile the appalachian girl with the new yoga doing, vegetarian eating gal is interesting... but mostly good. :)

Sharon Tessandori said...

Yes Retta, good for sure.
I'm not sure but I don't think you're "new" at yoga anymore. It's been a couple years now. :)
Rock on hillbilly....