Monday, December 13, 2010

classes on today + home from silent retreat

More snow here looking like quite the lil winter wonderland (even though it's still fall). Happy to report that we will be having classes this evening. Teresa will be there awaiting the lovely yogis today....warm, cozy studio and all. Go, breathe your way to bliss.

I just returned home from my very first silent retreat. Three whole days of silence (I didn't even use the ipod for guided meditations as originally planned). I only saw one person briefly on my first day. I had a day of sunshine, a day of rain, and a day of snow. It was pretty perfect.

I walked the labryinth, prayed in the chapel in the woods, walked through the snow to the pond, built fires in the stove daily, meditated, journaled, reflected, gazed out the window the woods, enjoyed simple meals, danced (who needs music?), drank hot chocolate & chai, read Mary Oliver.

I loved my silence way more than I expected.
I plan to blog each day about my experience.

The words that follow came to me as I sat in the rocking chair, gazing out a window watching the snow fall:

Clouds parting
sun bursting through
wind blowing
snowflakes dazzling.
It is a feast for the eyes.
It is food for the soul.

And just as quickly as it appeared
the sun slithered between the clouds.
Wind becomes a whisper
the snowflakes scatter too.
But I, I continue to be
bathed in light.

Looking forward to seeing all of you. Happy snowy day mi amigos.

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