Wednesday, December 22, 2010

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{Warning: This post has no particular theme. Just randomness}

I've been away from the blog all week. Seems that I blinked and not only is it the end of the week, but it's the end of the year. How the heck did that happen?

I'm sitting here at the Big Blue House, all ready for Christmas with the Tessandoris. There is a fire in the fireplace (so what if it's gas logs), a cozy blanket on my lap, sleeping dogs, and a green juice by my side. I've been back on a sugar kick, hoping that my daily green juices counter all the sugar. ;)

I just finished an online yoga class with Elena Brower. She shared something that a cardiologist friend of hers shared with her, which is...

"Don't give your heart to everything. Take everything into your heart."

Elena shared her thoughts on this and it's really intriguing me. Pondering how at first glance it may seen like taking every one's burdens on, or how we can take on every one's problems and crap and make it our own. But Elena was sharing from a place in which is wasn't a heavy thing. Explaining that we could use it in such a way that it becomes healing and nourishing. She also made references to Kali which I really appreciated. Nothing like a good ass kickin' from Kali.

I'm thinkin' also that it a fabulous thought in general. But not thinking this is a practice or concept that would be accessible to all. Not sure that someone with serious physical, mental, or emotional problems would need to "take everything into your heart."

Also, here are some delights from my week:

Yummy delicious holiday lunch with BW's teachers at Bella Notte. We are cooking up some pretty fabulous things for 2011. I've been busy as a bee working over the last couple of weeks (one reason I've been blog-less)

Fun times with my sis and family. Monday night was an impromptu gathering. I went out at bought stuff to make pizzas and my sis brought drinks and dessert. I had plain white gift wrapping paper on the kitchen table along with lot of markers and color pencils. We baked, they went to town creating a masterpiece, we ate pizza, way to much pie, and the kids were all hopped up on sugar so they danced, hopped, and sang. Wow, the energy. It was actually really good for me. A little noise and ruckus after the silent retreat.

Teaching at the studio on Tuesday, two classes back to back, which was super awesome. It wasn't until I got home after 9:00 and working over 12 hours that I realized I use to do that every week, a few times a week. Always love to sub that Tuesday 7:15 class. But also happy to have amazing teacher to help me share the yoga love.

Wednesday (today) I got to spend half the day with niece and nephew. We dined on bagels at Panera then I took them to the most wonderful place of all....the bookstore. Which they honestly love just as much as I do. We left with new books for them, and two new yoga mags for me. Happy morning.

I've also been playing a yoga elf over the past few weeks. It's been fun chatting with people near and far about "the perfect" yoga package for their loved one. Yoga for Christmas? I mean really, is that not the best gift ever? Ok, so maybe I'm a tiny bit bias.

A wonderful chat over the phone with one of my fave people of all, my brother Joel. For some reason it has been a couple of weeks since we've talked. And he just makes me happy. We've taken some type of trip together the past two years (Mexico one year, Kripalu the next). So I told him we would have to think about what to do this year.

Connecting with a dear, dear friend from many, many years ago. Facebook has been really amazing in some ways. Bringing me and my old pal together after about 15 years. I can't wait!

Andy Andy Andy. My husband. I get to see tomorrow in Owensboro. So yay....

That's all my yoga pals. If I haven't said so in a while, I appreciate you in whatever form I know you.

I bow to all of you...the students, the teachers, the friends, the family, and you blog readers. May you be blessed with peace, happiness, love, and all things good this holiday season.

{The studio is closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day}

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Elena said...

Sharon... appreciate the reference and the dialogue. At your service! Much gratitude.