Friday, October 24, 2008

do any good for the world today?

That was the question I got from Andy a couple days ago. After my immediate shock of the question (those that know Andy know he's not the philosophical one, I happily take that role) I couldn't really come up with an answer.

Sure I had taught some yoga, practiced some yoga, let the person driving into my lane....all of which in one form or another are "do good" deeds. But I was hoping for a little more.

Yesterday I checked in with Jen Lemen's blog as I have for a while. And I found this heart warming post. I knew at the end of the post when I saw the little "donate" button that I had to. Not because I felt guilty when I couldn't give Andy an honest answer, and not because I felt like "I should" or that it would be "the right" thing to do.

I did it because Jen's words really resonated with me. When I looked into the eyes of the beautiful little girl and her family, I saw myself and my own family.
I saw you and you and you.
I saw all of us.
I was once again reminded that we are all one.
We are all connected.
And that's a beautiful thing called Yoga.

**Then I got this email from Jen....
"this is hugely helpful, i can't tell you.
with thirty bucks in kigali, odette's brother can fill the house with really necessary things like rice and oil and raw milk and really good greens."

Have a joy FULL weekend. :-)

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