Monday, December 24, 2007

dc day 2

Andy and I have had two full days here in DC and I must admit that I really may need a vacation after returning! I told him earlier, "This is an exhausting vacation!" I think we've walked this whole city...three times! I've been doing a little bit of yoga in the mornings before leaving for the day's adventures and practicing with Rodney Yee on The Yoga Channel when we get back. But for some reason the same show keeps playing over and over. And even I am growing weary of Rodney Yee and his pretty pony tail. :-0
Andy has a mental list of all the places we must see and the things we must do. Most of those things are visiting memorials and museums. I, on the other hand want to wander the side streets of Dupont Circle, take pictures of pretty doors and unique windows, look inside the windows and ponder who lives there, do some yoga, shop at lululemon, sip coffee and browse in fun books stores. Luckily, we've compromised and it looks like Thursday may be our day to part ways and do some solo exploration.
Mostly I feel extremely lucky to be here, to be healthy and to be happy. Could there be much more to wish for this Christmas? Peace and happiness to each of you tonight, tomorrow, through the rest of the year and on to 2008.

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Irene said...

Sounds like the perfect balance to me! Glad you are having fun.
I watch a yoga show this morning. Can't remember the guys name, but they were doing Sun Salutations to "Mustang Sally" - which I found a bit different. Think the name of the show had something to do with breathing.
Can't wait for the next update!
Made more bark and cakes today!