Friday, October 30, 2009

breaking the master cleanse and the transition

Wednesday was the last day of my cleanse. If you read the earlier post you'll see that I had planned to start drinking some oj on Monday. However, I woke on Monday and was feeling soooo very good. I decided not to ruin a good thing and decided to complete the 10 days. So glad I did. I think that if I had started having oj, I would have just given the whole thing up. Sometimes I'm an all or nothing kidnda gal. Can certainly see how this needed to be an "all" sorta time.

On Tuesday my sweet friend Shelli came for a special visit to accompany me to Whole Foods to shop for healthy vegetarian staples to have in the pantry. I've been vegetarian for over four years now, but I still don't have a good handle on it all. I needed some help and I knew that Shelli was just the gal.

So with a good friend and a healthy list on hand we maneuvered the aisles buying all sorts of grains, pastas, beans, canned items, breads, condiments, sauces, spices and so forth. It was so much fun!
I was quite proud of the fact that I was able to be at the grocery store, see and small all the goodness and continue to contentedly sip the maple juice. Shelli and I even walked to Main & Maple where she had lunch and coffee, and I continued to contentedly sip the maple juice. ;)

Now I'm armed with the healthy vegetarian go to staples, a couple new vegetarian cookbooks, and a willing partner to help cook on the nights I get home late. Should be the recipe that we need for a lil healthier eating at Casa Tessandori.

I also timed the cleanse strategically. I tried to schedule when I didn't have a lot going on (although I still added to do's to my calendar). Now I'll have another week to eat healthy wholesome foods, then I'll be jettin' off to Maya Tulum where the food doesn't get any healthier or more delicious.

I've planned it to give my body at least a month of eating mostly wholesome, non processed crap. I did however have a latte from Starbucks this morning on the way to my health fair. I'm ok with this. Moderation is a grand thing.

Food is tasting mighty fine these days. I'm finding that I'm full more quickly, not eating mindlessly, and being much more mindful about what I eat. Good stuff. For sure.

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Anonymous said...

It's supposed to be grade A maple syrup. Makes a HUGE difference in the process, sorry to say.