Tuesday, October 06, 2009

nc yoga retreat

My head and my heart feels like it's been a little on fire the past week. Caught somewhere between "what the heck will I teach" and "hell yeah, I love my job!"

It seems like every time I go to lead a retreat I have a moment somewhere within the week that I experience a little freak out moment. I feel completely ill prepared, mostly inadequate, and a little lost. I actually feel like it's quite healthy. It keeps me on my toes. Keeps me humble. And holds me accountable to taking the time, making the effort to plan, plan, plan. It makes me do the things I will teach and ponder the ideas I will share.

All in all I feel like this years retreat was pretty awesome. The weather (crisp and sunny). The classes. The food. The group of girls. All very sweet.

Asana classes ranged from yoga therapy/anatomy to flow to yin yoga.

Workshops included reflecting on what we needed most out of the weekend, inspiring teachers, and life values. We then used the life values to create a collage. Which I was mostly blown away by. The coolest part was going around the circle and learning about who the gals have most been inspired by and learning about their collage, or masterpiece. Give some gals magazines, scissors and glue and they will go to town!

I got to hear sweet stories about fathers, grandparents, Pema Chodron, Dalai Lama, friends, yoga, and more. I heard about strength, adventure, wellness, discipline, balance, bliss, grace, grit, love, travel, peaceful, presence, humbleness and more. Very cool.

On the last day I was presented with the prettiest scarf ever! I was so surprised when all the gals presented me with a scarf before our last session. Much too kind words were shared and my heart nearly spilled open when they told me that every single gal there had taken part in knitting the scarf. Even those that couldn't knit. Wow.

I had not idea when I took this pic that the scarf would be presented to me. Again very cool. And again.... yeah I realllly love my job.

For our closing the gals had selected a rock somewhere that they found on the 150 acres at Prama. We concluded our weekend by choosing one word to write on our special magic rock. A rock we could take home and remember our weekend by and what we were working on, cultivating, and/or reminding ourselves of.

My word was "Trust" because going into the weekend that's what I needed most. To trust that I had done the work. To trust that I had created a strong, supportive spiritual container for the weekend. To trust that the perfect gals would be present. To trust that the teachings would work out how they needed to work. To trust that the gals would be open to unleashing their inner child (and do things like hunt and write on rocks). To trust that we would rest. And heal. And connect. Nurture and be nurtured. We did that and more.

Thank you yoginis for making for such a memorable weekend. :)

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Sarah said...

I love this post! I have already read it twice. I am so glad to hear the retreat went so well for everyone.