Monday, October 26, 2009

hitting the reset button...part 2

I'm into day 8 of the cleanse. I do however believe that I will start drinking orange juice. Do believe that I need to start breaking the cleanse which will require several more days until I go back to "eating".

I did have a moment Saturday night when I almost broke down. Andy was gone to the UK football game. I was home alone. And doing the one thing that I don't even love to do so much....watching TV. I got bored. Started thinking of food.

Specifically those darn honey bbq chips. It was as if the angel and devil were on my shoulder. "What the hell are you thinking Sharon. You've been at this for nearly a week." (of course the angel wouldn't say hell, but she is now). And the lil' devil is saying, "You've done so well. Just have one...or two."

I looked in the pantry and there the bag sat. I picked up the bag and lucky for me (and my intestines) the bag was pretty much empty. Thank you Andy for doing the deed and finishing them off for me. ;)

So there I go again. Eating out of boredom. Clearly I still have a little bit of work to be done in this area.

Now looking at the reasons for doing the cleanse:

I was in a funny phase leading up to this cleanse. I've had a very busy year feeling like I was moving from one training/workshop/retreat/class to another with little true rest in between.

As a result I've been eating foods that aren't the most healthy. And sometimes I've just eaten downright horrible.

I do believe that the body is the very best compass of all. And mine was telling me that I was nearly lost.

I needed to do this cleanse and rid my body of the crap that I've been filling it with. I needed to tend to myself, to nurture myself in a way that didn't include food. I needed to get quiet. And slow down. See if my mind could clear and I could regain some focus.

I am feeling reeaallly good in my body. I'm excited about planning and preparing healthy, wholesome meals for myself and Andy. Yay for a little bit of discipline and a lot of listening!

Have a super Monday.....

*Tomorrow I'll write about making the transition to food and planning for a healthier eating transition*

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