Friday, October 23, 2009

hitting the reset button...part 1

I'm moving into day six of a cleanse. And not just any cleanse. Not like cleanses before in which I juiced and had some fruit, or cut out caffeine and sugar. No, no, no. I haven't eaten a meal since Sunday night. Yep, Sunday night. The last supper was veggie sushi and honey bbq chips (don't ask). Not even a Diet Dr Pepper (they were all gone). No Starbucks for the day. I resisted. No Blue Moon as the above pic shows me happily gulping....I mean sipping. :)

Then I embarked on days will filling myself with lukewarm salt water and what I'm now referring to as "the maple juice" which consists of 10 oz of water, two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice, two tablespoons of pure maple syrup, and some cayenne pepper. Yum-O..... And I can't forget the herbal laxative tea that sits here by my laptop and I am choking, uhhhh I mean gulping down.

So briefly my reasons, partial curiosity (do I really have the will-power to pull this off), partial spirituality (and if so what if anything will be awakened), partial vanity (I'm going to Mexico in two weeks which means I'll be in a bathing suit). Mostly I need to hit the reset button.

I must say that's it's been way easier than I expected. Well maybe I use the word easy loosely. I've been a lot less hungry than I expected. Somehow the maple juice does the drink. When I start to feel hunger coming on I grab and take a few swigs. I'm like a baby with their sippy cup. On the night of day two I had a headache and an upset stomach. But that's really been the worst physical effects. I even made it through a couple of hours of jivamukti yoga today in Cincy with David and Sharon.

I feel like it's mostly psychological now. It's not that I'm necessarily hungry. Ijust want to feel food in my mouth. Could it be possible that I've forgotten how to chew? The crazy thing is, I don't want a bunch of crap food (although I do open the pantry and see those honey bbq chips staring back at me). I'm craving a delicious salad. And soup.

Enough about food. I must go and drink my herbal tea. I'm rising early for a health fair tomorrow. ~Nite Lovies~

To Be Continued.....
(that's so fun!)

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