Sunday, November 01, 2009

halloween 09

What a fun weekend?! Saturday was a day filled with pantry organizing and hanging out with two great friends, Liz and Tony. We had originally planned to hike and camp at the Gorge, but it didn't look like the weather was going to cooperate. So we opted for a day of Italian and wine fun. We visited Chrisman Mill for wine tasting, Bella Notte for a late lunch, Talon Winery for more wine tasting, the wine shop in Nicholasville for....yep you guessed it, more wine tasting. At this point we decided we need a lil wine break. We crossed the street to the coffee shop and had some tasty, toasty, (nonalcholohic) treats. We swung by the big blue house then dashed off to Bar Louie to watch the UK game then off to The Trail of Terror off of Tates Creek. Andy and I hadn't been on a haunted trek since our college days, so that was great fun.

All in all, a festive and fun Halloween. Although I did wake with a tummy ache at four in the morning and it continued on for several more hours. My cleansed insides were rebelling again the festivities of the day.

Today I met the teachers for Indian food and we chatted studio and student stuff... holiday schedules, sub schedules, upcoming workshops, community service, building community, yoga teacher training, holiday party, and a teacher celebration. All good stuff to get excited and feel grate-full for.

I just finished cooking chipotle corn chowder, which is way tooooo spicy. I added some honey to see if it takes some of the bite out of it. I did get to wear my sweet apron that I love so much. Certainly makes cooking much more fun. And I must admit that I keep going to the pantry, peeking in, and feeling quite happy about how organized and functional it feels. Love that the simple things can invoke such giddiness. Think I'll top the night with a long bath complete with Lush fizzy and some yin yoga.

Wishing each of you some giddy moments as you make your way into the week!

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