Monday, November 02, 2009

oh the goodness

I've had a wonderfully good, productive and fun day. I started the morning working upstairs on the upcoming teacher training. I stayed planted here with the exception of fetching hot tea and some oatmeal (with slivered almonds, agave, and banana). I worked for almost four straight hours on details, rough draft, schedules, finalizing the book list, connecting with participants signed up, and creating and making changes to materials.

I've learned to be gentle with myself and the process of work. There was a time when I would beat myself up if I didn't meet my perceived work quota for the day. Nowadays I find myself relishing and celebrating those times when I feel really productive and get things dones. The time I'm designating for work, I try to really and truly work. Not play on the internet. And call people for no reason. Or make endless trips downstairs just to do whatever.

And those days when I feel like nothing gets accomplished.....I'm ok with those too. I'm practicing the art of being gentle and kind to myself these days. Don't we all need more of this on and off of the yoga mat?

I met with my good buddy and traveling companion on my upcoming trip to Tulum today....Debra. We talked about what we needed to take along and came up with a little plan for working while in paradise.

We each plan to spend about two hours a day working. She on her book. Me on the upcoming yoga teacher training. We're going to have BIG Idea sessions. And ponder where we want to be in our respective businesses in one and five years. Such fun. I am a sucker for this stuff. I truly love my life and my business. These are the things that fuel the fire.

We'll then work on manifesting those dreams and things that resonate most. I'm taking the supplies needed for mini collage glue sticks, cardstock, small scissors, and magazines for flipping, clipping and pasting inspiring words and images.

I imagine that each of us we'll have some other exercises and goodies up our sleeves for the week.

We'll take yoga daily, eat delicious food, drink and dance, take an excursion or two, do the sweat lodge, and get several healing bodywork sessions. Can't wait!

I also met my sister to see her before embarking to Mexico. Always good to see her ad laugh alongside her.

And the above pic...that's me and Andy preparing for tonight's delicious meal....artichoke, feta, garlic, and black olive pizza along with salad complete with raspberries, walnuts, and more feta cheese. Wine was Coyote Red from Talon Winery. Yummy!

Oh the goodness. :)

**PS - Teresa's workshop scheduled for this Sunday has been re-scheduled for late January.**

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