Friday, November 06, 2009

off to maya tulum

I'm leaving tomorrow for Mexico. So very excited to greet the sun. And sand. And sea. Everything is dreamier there. Love love love it.

Most everyone knows how much Tulum means to me. When I step on the beach and my feet hit the sand, it feels like home. Next year I'll get to experience Mexico one again with Andy. And again with my sister. And my mom. As both of those trips are on my mondo beyondo dream list, so they will happen. Very certain of it.

My sweet friend Shelli asked me today what I was most looking forward to in Mexico. The answer came quite easily and quite quickly. "The relaxation" I answered without hesitation.

I imagine it will take me all of 20 minutes to to slip away into relaxation mode. Looking forward to a little work, a lot of play, tons of bodywork and treatments, dreaming sessions, delicious food, yoga, being in the presence of many healers, reading, and relaxation. And the relaxation, did I mention that one?!

I'll see you in a week....Adios amigas. :)

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Anonymous said...

Just in case you check in during your week in Tulum I wanted to say have a wonderful, relaxing, best time ever.
We will be waiting to hear all abou it.
Be good to yourself.