Wednesday, September 02, 2009

doing things that scare us

I started Spanish lessons with Andy yesterday.

And I bought "the" plane ticket. To Mexico of course. Where else?

It took a little bit of courage in my part. Not the Spanish lessons so much but yes with the place ticket. Why? Because I had planned to do something this fall for "professional development". I was looking at spending four days in NYC for MindBody University (yep a whole conference for the software we use at the studio) or Level 3 Yoga Therapy in North Carolina.

I questioned myself and pondered if this was the best way to invest my money? Was this the best way to spend taking time away from the studio? Would Andy understand my need to go?

The left side of my brain, the one that is so much business said to go with NYC or NC. But the right side of my brain, and my heart told me to go to Tulum. To go there, take yoga classes two times a day, to eat fresh food, to get the most healing treatments ever, to sweat it out at the sweat lodge, to rest, and let the sea wash my stresses away.

So that's what I'm doing.

Learning Spanish and spending more time in Mexico are both on my Mondo Beyondo dream list. I feel like yesterday I took two small steps and the universe carried me an additional two steps. And that my friend is such a delight-full feeling.

So what about you....can you do anything today that may be a bit scary but move you forward towards a dream you hold in your heart?


melanie said...

what a fun post! i missed yoga today - sprained foot kept me away (i'm wooing it back to wellness so i can join again pronto :)) warmly, -melanie-

Patti said...

Oddly enough, the scary thing I'm starting today is yoga. I found your blog while researching about yoga and I definitely feel more motivated. I've been apprehensive, but I'm told it's amazing. So, we shall see. :)