Friday, September 04, 2009

holding togetherness

I love the idea of this. I've had the great joy of taking TWO yoga classes at the studio in the past 17 hours! Ahhh, such de-light. Jeanne subbed for Sarah last night and taught such a beautiful class and Lisa taught our brand new yinyasa class today at noon. I am so very proud of these two gals. They are both such wonderful new additions to teaching staff.

I especially loved it after class when Sarah said to Lisa, "You are such a perfect fit for Barefoot Works." And I nodded it agreement. So happy on the inside that Barefoot Works continues to draw such great souls in students and teachers. Holding. Such. Togetherness.

Which leaves me feeling very happy. Very giddy. It's been a good week and good stuff coming up. The online Mondo Beyondo class is really inspiring me (plan to post my updated list of dreams next week). I begin leading the Fall yoga training in Hazard next week, our NC yoga retreat is nearly filled with excited yoginis, trip to the lake this weekend, upcoming yoga therapy training at the studio, I'm learning Spanish, and did I mention I'm going to Mexico, AND I took two classes at the studio?!

Meanwhile I'm reading "The Wishing Year" by Noelle Oxenhandler (which is really good). I've dogeared a few pages that I come back to and re-read, re-think.
Here is a fave passage:

"It's something that is often remarked about the Mexican people, and on that day I saw it with my own eyes: their ability to hold together, in one embrace, the awareness of suffering and the celebration of earthly happiness."

Love. That. So while I'm sitting here going on about all the goodness, I am dealing with struggles and pain that exists very much in the lives of family that I love dearly.

Thankfully yoga has taught me how to stay connected to my center while the suffering swirls around me. Yoga has taught me to find the balance of it all. The good. The bad. And at times, the ugly. Yoga has taught me how to hold it together.

Hoping it does the same for you when you most need it to.

**All classes are held as scheduled this weekend and Monday. Have a safe and happy weekend.**

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