Monday, September 28, 2009

i go out walking

In an attempt to see the beauty in the ordinary everyday, I decided to record my walk from my house to the coffee shop (my monday morning ritual).

And the sky is BLUE today! Since it's been such a long time with gray skies, it looks even more beautiful and magical.

This is the cemetary that I always walk in. On a good Monday, I get three walks in here. Once with the dogs, once with Andy and the dogs, and once with me and the ipod.

This house sits at the end of our street (or beginning, depending on which direction you're going). It's the oldest house on our street and for most of my four years of living in Nicholasville it's been neglected and abandoned. It's now being shaped, tidied, and prettied up and being rented as office space. Each week I look in the windows to see any new develpments.
The brick is old and beautiful. I think it speaks to you.
And our courthouse sits on a wee hill and looks all grand (and a little leaning here, eh?)
A nice little wine bar.
And pretty buildings. With more blue sky.
And a great little wine shop (I'm seeing a trend).
And horse-ey parking meters. Of course, you're in KY.
And that's "my" window seat at the cofee shop.
Since it's taken I happily take a spot under these beautiful horses where I sip a chai tea latte and laugh out loud reading the Lifestyly Refugee blog, "Honey what the hell are we doing in Mexico." It's just what I need.

Have a happy happy Monday. :)

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