Monday, September 21, 2009

yoga therapy

This weekends yoga therapy training with Ginger (and David) was really quite amazing. Ginger is an amazing teacher with a great skill in blending the west and the east. In holding true to philosophy of yoga but also honorig the research that's been done in the west and teaching from that perspective. She is strong in her beliefs and passionate about her program and yoga. I had the good fortune to do the Level 2 training last Fall and this weekends was Level 1 (yeah I flipped them around).

It was so nice to be on the receiving end of the yoga training. To get to be fully present as a student. To ask questions. To explore the poses differently. To think differently. To meet people from across the US and share in yoga. AND I got to learn alongside a few student at Barefoot Works and that was really cool!

Ginger's approach to asana is intriging, exciting and refreshing to approach all the poses from a therapeutic standpoint. My intention for doing these trainings is to be the best, most well rounded yoga teacher that I can be. To share yoga in a way that is safe and celebrated. To have this information to share in our yoga teacher training, and to work with private clients. I also feel somewhere in my mind, and my heart that these yoga therapy trainings may someday be used in my home of Appalachia. I see such value here.

During my home yoga practice today I explored some things that we worked on this weekend. My plan is to practice in this way and see what will work for me and my body. Then to share in my yoga classes. I have a few plans for doing so. So come on out for class and let me share with you!

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