Tuesday, January 27, 2009

yoga classes cancelled for tuesday

I just feel better making this call. It's really icky out there. So please enjoy your practice from the comfort of your own home. Light a candle. Set an intention. Do what you feel your body needs. Breathe. Finish with more breathing and sitting. Read something inspiring. Write about how you feel.

Lots of options. Maybe on a day like today you've got enough time to do all. Maybe you have time to do one. Something is better than nothing. I thinnk so anyway.

And if you are like me and can't help but dream a little of warmer days, then consider coming along in July to Mexico for our annual yoga retreat. It's my intention to get at least ten people this year and we're over halfway there.

Think summer is too hot for Mexico? I've been in January, April, July, and September. Mexico is always good. Trust me. In July you get over two hours more of extra daylight, which makes it super nice.

I know a few people that are taking the direct flight from Cincy to Cancun. It's way too easy. Way too convenient. So if you come along we'll set up a carpooling group to the airport.

Thinkin' about it?
Click here to details on the website.
Click here to read about Maya Tulum, where we stay.
And lastly, I'll take you on a little tour. Come along with me.......


Anonymous said...

Glad you are snug and warm!
You are quite the marketing maven!
Tempting us with Talum on a day like today is pretty smart!!!
Who could resist?
Stay safe!

Sharon Tessandori said...

Marketing Maven?! I like that. ;-) Could there be a better day to be tempted my the sweetness of Tulum? And no one should resist.

Stay snug as a bug....