Saturday, January 31, 2009


Tonight Andy and I came home from a warm and welcoming stay in eastern KY to a big blue house.....
with light
and all other things we've come to associate with modern day living.

Don't get me wrong. I am not a high maintenance kinda gal. The place we stayed in Tulum, Mexico a few short weeks electricity. None. And I loved it. Every. Little. Bit.

But it's cold here in Jan. The first night in with no power. No biggie. Andy and I cuddled. I read by candlelight. Went to bed early. I would almost say I enjoyed it.

The second night in it was much colder. We added an extra blanket. Cuddled more closely. Reading by candlelight was no longer fun.

The third night in we were doing that thing where we held a little flashlight above our mouth and went, "ahhhhh" only to see our breath as if we were standing outside in the cold. We added another blanket. Stuck our heads under the blankets when we got really cold. Bedtime was getting earlier each night. I was tired of eating out and my eyes hurt if I tried to read by candlelight.

The breaking point was waking the next day and feeling like I had been beaten with a big rock. My neck, shoulders and upper back were aching badly. So I called and bumped my meeting in Hazard to Friday. I phoned my brother to see if he could get Andy and I an appointment for a massage. We deserved it after all. Andy and I packed a tiny bag, laptop, and with dogs in tow we made our way to Hazard, then to Whitesburg.

My family took great care of us. Spoiled us with hot drinks, good eats, good conversation, cozy bed and best of all......a hot tub.

And now we're back.....and happy as clams. We've got a bunch of work to do to clean up, but nothing could dampen our spirits tonight.

~If you are still without power, know that I'll be thinking of you. This has really been a tough time and my heart goes out to all of you.~

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Anonymous said...

I'd been wondering about you all. Glad the power is finally back on. Lucky over here, only out about 13 hours. No biggie. Nice to be back in your own place, and wonderful to have been papmered by your family!
Hugs to you both!
Stay warm and safe.