Monday, January 26, 2009

the need to preserve

Ok, I get it universe. I can't be it all. Can't do it all. It's not even noon and I've gotten two big wake up calls. The biggest one being missing a meeting that is super important to me. I was convinced it was next Monday at 8:30. Not today at 8:30. Wow, still can't even believe I did that. I thrive on being prepared and even early to meetings. I felt bad. Really, really bad.

At the same time it's a wake up call, that again I've been doing too much. I'm seeing the need to decide where I really need to dedicate my time and energy. I want to do the things that I love very well. Not half assed.

I find myself saying "yes, yes, yes" to too many things and too many people. I need to establish more boundaries. I need more balance. I know this. Now I need to make decisions to work towards it.

I'm sharing something personal like this because I believe there are lots more of me out there. There are lots of us doing way too much. Maybe it's because we can't say no. Maybe it's because we're afraid to say no. Maybe we fill our calendars because it makes us feel good in some weird distorted way.

Yesterday was my first day off in 16 days. That's just crazy. So today, as of 11:24, I will not be working for the rest of the day. Well Andy and I are gonna try and get some coat hangers hung at the studio for your sake, but that can't wait.

For today I'm gonna relax in the ways that I want and need. Know that for today I can quit striving and know that everything will be fine. I invite you to find the time and do the same.


Emily said...

it's about time you started relaxing and taking care of yourself! i hope you had a great day and didn't spend too long re-hanging hangers at the studio...

Anonymous said...

Remember what my Mother used to say, "You just need to be still". "Sometimes you just need to be still".
Peace, little yogi!