Monday, March 17, 2008

self love

Since I started my 30 day challenge of practicing yoga AND journaling (this has been a key part)everyday, I'm noticing some interesting things about myself and my practice. And being nice to myself is one of those things. I think that we don't stress this enough in our world. We're taught to be nice to others....our teachers, our elders, our children, our parents, our friends, our boss, our barista, etc. But how often do we really think about being nice to ourself.

Last Monday at my yoga class I teach at a school, I tried to teach the concept of self love by pretty much sending a sweet teacher home. She came to my yoga class almost hobbling on one leg. She wanted to know is she should stay and practice even though her knee was swollen and she was feeling pain in her knee. I told her that instead of hurting herself more (not my exact words) I recommend she go home and indulge in a bubble bath complete with a cup of tea and her favorite magazine. Instead of practicing yoga,practice self love.

This is what my practice of self love has looked like this past week:
1. Doing more yin yoga, less vinyasa
2. Sleeping late (and not feeling bad for doing so)
3. Journaling everyday
4. Drinking more fresh green juices
5. Preparing early for presentations I'm giving (resulting in less stress and more love ;-)
6. Meeting a friend and chatting over coffee, having a nice long lunch with a dear friend, hearing and learning more about her pregnancy, and meeting with two other business owner friends and discussing fun and exciting upcoming business ventures.
7. Going for walks....sometimes twice a day.
8. Looking in the mirror and smiling more.
9. Cutting my hair off (well not me, but paying someone to do it)
10. Deciding that instead of taking a yoga teacher training this fall, Andy and I will escape to our favorite place for a beach vacation.

And if you want to join Sark and me in a "self love revolution" then click here.


Anonymous said...

Good for you! You so deserve it! We all do, but for some strange reason I think we are taught that loving ourselves is self-indulgent. I all for a campaign to debunk that myth!!
Thanks for sharing.

Lori said...

I can't agree more. Self love is vitally important. When we love ourselves we can then share that love with others.

Anonymous said...

Sharon...I MUST see your hair! IT's not fair that you get to do all the lovin' of yourself. We need to love you, too!

Dr. Leigh Ann Simmons said...

OK - so I'm dying to see the hair!!! Last week when I saw you it was long. Post a pic, please? Or meet me for coffee, coffee, and more coffee (for you - wink, wink) soon.