Monday, January 08, 2007

What an exciting day!

"Life is like playing a violin solo in public and learning the instrument as one goes on."
Samuel Butler
My day began at 3:30 this morning. The alarm goes off and I'm ready to go, really excited to greet the day. Normally at this time I'm just pulling my quilt and flannel sheets up to my chin and sinking a bit farther into my pillow and into a deep sleep. But today was an exciting day for me and Barefoot Works. I arrived at the studio at 5:00 lit some scented candles, turned the lamps and twinkle lights, and rolled out my yoga mat and spent a few minutes doing some gentle stretching and deep breathing. It wasn't long after I had arrived that several dedicated yogi's began to stream into the studio. Now I had to be there bright and early for Lee Cruse and the camera's of WLEX 18, but these guys didn't. I was truly honored and so thankful that these people came to practice yoga and support the studio.
Lee Cruse made his way into the studio around 5:45. I excitedly greeted him and thanked him for sharing his morning with Barefoot Works, then I ask "So what's the plan?" You see, I'm a planner, a big planner and when his response was "No plan, we'll just see how it goes", for one brief moment I got a bit nervous. Then I realized that he was at my studio talking about yoga. If there is one topic that I feel completely competent and comfortable in discussing, it would be yoga. I mean right now I'm living, breathing and dreaming yoga. It's my world. So when the camera started rolling and we were live on television is was easy and it felt natural. I didn't trip over my words, get tongue tied,or repeat "ummm" (which I was most scared of). I was actually surprised at how easy this whole thing of being live on tv was. It was a great time!
The next exciting thing for the day was teaching yoga to a group of high school football players, their coaches and several teachers. It was a large group of almost 60 people clustered in the school cafeteria. It was lacking the serene and soothing vibe of the studio, but the energy and the curiosity among the group made up for the less than desirable space. I think the boys were surprised to find out how challenging yoga could be. I heard an occasional "I'm sweatin'" and "This is hard" as I worked my way around the large group encouraging them to relax their shoulders and continue with deep breaths. By the end of class they gladly came to corpse pose for final relaxation and more deep breathing. They've signed up for a ten week session so I'm really hoping to teach them how yoga can benefit them both on the field and in the classroom. It will be a fun challenge. I'll keep you posted!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a thrilling day, Sharon! Will you be able to stream the segment on your website? Hope so...

Anonymous said...

Hey! Long time no see! I'm trying to get ready for work this morning when at 7:00 my mom calls screaming, "put it on channel 8!, is that little Sharon?!" I was so excited to see you! Last I heard you were still in Texas. You looked GREAT! I need you to come back home and get my lazy butt moving. I need lots of help these days. Anyway--glad to see you and you look absolutly wonderful!

I'm in Lexington alot with work, I will look you up next time I'm there!

Miss ya

Sharon Tessandori said...

Erin, so awesome to hear from you! Email me so we can arrange to get together sometime!

Jen, I'm hoping to get something on the website. I'll keep you posted.