Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Love the computer doctor!

My photos from a computer that crashed months ago have been rescued! I was so scared that I'd lost so many important photos (like the one above with my sister taken at my brother's wedding). Last Friday I walked my big old laptop downtown Nicholasville to the Computer Doctors and was so relieved when the computer doctor assured me that he would retrieve all my photos. As you can see from my blog, I love photos...old ones, new ones, my photos, friends photos and even strangers photos. They're all great! Makes me happy that there are those computer geniuses out there, as I am quite clueless about the whole process.

And on a yoga note, there is a big lovely article titled "Yoga without the mat" that is in the Herald Leader today. Teresa Thompson (you know the one in class with the great forward fold) was interviewed for this article about her chair yoga classes that she teaches at the senior citizens center and Latitude Artist Community. It's a wonderful, wonderful article with three great pictures. Teresa listed Barefoot Works as a contact and I've gotten so many phone calls from people interested in chair yoga. Makes me think that there is more of a need for this type of yoga.


Elizabeth said...

Thank goodness for the computer doctor!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon***
Thank you for inviting me to be a part of Barefoot Works Yoga. I love the studio and the students -- a great place. It's your vision that creates the ambiance, and I thank you for your support and efforts.

Your photographs are beautiful -- and congrats on the lovely pottery you created at Wyman's studio.

The Swenson workshop pics are great:)))

Yours in Yoga,