Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Secret

So, you just have the see this film. If you even remotely believe in the power of your thoughts and the power of intention, you must see this documentary. I finally watched it last night (thanks Robert and Heather) after at least five different people had asked me "So have you see The Secret?" I hadn't, but I was just dying to know that the "secret" was and why it was coming into my life on many different occasions. One of my students had asked before class one night if I had seen it which I of course responded "No, not yet." She then went on to say that she thought we should watch the film at the studio or form a reading group for the book. She said she couldn't think of a better place to do it than at the yoga studio, as I had obviously set an intention and created something wonderful at Barefoot Works. So I took this as a great compliment and we began class.
I finally watched last night and I'm so glad I did. It was inspiring and motivating. One of the things that stuck out in my mind was the three steps in getting what you want:
1. Ask
2. Receive
3. Believe
And since I can think of two times within the last couple of days in which I said to someone "Ask and you shall to receive"....I was fully on board with this notion. Except I learned that I was leaving an important part of the puzzle out, the whole part about believing, and really feeling what if would feel like if you did receive. Or I thought I was, but I hadn't fully.
I came back to the comment from a student about the studio and making it a reality. I realized that I had followed these same three steps in dreaming, planning, and actually opening the yoga studio. My step 3 part of the process, believing...came in the form of a spiral bound journal which I appropriately titled "Journey to the Opening of a Yoga Studio". I purchased this lovely journal from Joseph Beth and carried it with me everywhere beginning the day I bought it, January 1 of 2006. In this journal, I visualized and recorded what my studio would look like. As I visited different coffee shops I would make notes of the colors on the wall, the decor, the details and the music they played. I also wrote of ways to create community at my studio, as it was important that people not just come in, unroll their mat, take a class, roll their mat up and leave (last week before a class many people were chatting in small groups, several conversations going on at once and I heard a student say to her neighbor "listen to everybody talking, the energy is great in here today"). I wrote about how the growing up in the mountains helped mold me into the person I am today and how I wanted to somehow give thanks for this (many months later I would learn of Green Yoga Association and Barefoot Works is now the only studio in KY considered a green yoga studio. I wrote of great classes full of people (I love it when students mention the need of expanding the yoga studio) and workshops taught by great yoga teachers (I got an email from Doug Swenson last Thursday offering to do a workshop on the 29th of this month). As I flip through my journal, which is completely full, a see many other ideas, hopes and dreams that have become a reality. My new journal is titled "Running a Yoga Studio". Not so exciting and not so creative. I'm thinking of a new title for my journal after seeing "The Secret". One that can come close to the grand and exciting dreams I'm full of. I'll keep you posted!

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