Sunday, January 28, 2007

Doug Swenson Workshop

I attended a workshop at Eternal Health Yoga Studio yesterday with the very down to earth Doug Swenson. Doug is such a great, funny, low key, laid back kind of guy. You immediately feel comfortable in pushing into a handstand and twisting yourself into other odd like pretzel positions with his assistance and support.

The workshop was on partner yoga and also covered adjustments and assists for students. My friend and owner of Eternal Health Yoga, Shelli and I ended up partnering up for most of the poses, which in hindsight, was probably a bad idea. We get together and we're like two kids misbehaving in the fifth grade. Whispering to one another when the teacher (Doug) turns his head and then ultimately getting busted. I think, actually I'm sure, at one point she bit my toe (which Doug actually witnessed) and and I made her look a bit foolish when I was in the wrong twisting pose and Doug had to come over and correct her adjustment (sorry Shelli, I know you'll love this post ;-). I like to think that we would have behaved better if we hadn't done this workshop with Doug once this past summer. But who am I kidding... Enjoy some pics from the workshop.

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