Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Things I'm lovin'

So I'm not really a jewelry person, aside from big pretty dangly earrings. But here lately I've found some of the sweetest jewelry. I love these superhero necklaces! They're so bright and colorful. And I love the thought of wearing one and being transformed into a superhero. These vintage charms are just the cutest things ever. There's a charm of a gal doing headstand and it's titled "Look What I can do" cute.
These are a couple of my favorite photo blogs. Their pictures blow me away. Durham Township and Kuberblog. Their images amaze me and inspire me to take more time to photograph.
This morning I was watching the Today show and Five For Fighting was live playing a couple of songs. His new tune "What Kind of World Do you Want" is great. What's even better is this website that allows you to "Tell the world what kind of world you want and raise money for charity by making a video of yourself, your friends, your kids, your online buddies answering the question, "What Kind of World Do You Want?" and upload it to Tell everyone you know to watch it and each time they do, it raises .49 cents for charity. You will be able to select the charity from a list that John Ondrasik from Five For Fighting personally selected." You can use videos or photos for your very own video. How cool is that?!

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