Friday, August 03, 2012

how to be a light - thoughts on the chick-fil-a fiasco

Seems that everybody has an opinion these days. It only takes about two seconds on Facebook for me to see that.  From the upcoming election, to the Chick-Fil-A fiasco, to Shawn Johnson being photographed with Ronald McDonald.

Segregation is running rampant these days.
I see so much "us against them".
They are bad. I/we are good.

It's making my head spin.
And my heart heavy.

I shared this with Andy over breakfast. At home, I take the dogs for a walk and I got all weepy just thinking about it.

It would be easy for me to throw my opinion into the mix. To make my own judgments about those judging others. I've had to stop myself from "sharing" a photo on Facebook that would "make" them see how absurd this is. But I know that wouldn't work for me.

So instead I'm seeking a solution. I'm emailing mentors. I'm connecting to my own truth. I'm looking for my own answers about how I can create positive change in the world while maintaining my own peace and sanity.

At my life coaching training with Grace we explored a different commitment each day. On day 14 this was it.....

"I commit to being the resolution or solution that is needed: seeing what is needed in the world as in invitation to become that which is required."

Questions we asked include:

Where am I complaining about something, but taking no action?

Where am I wishing something would change, but making no new commitment?

How could I be the resolution in this situation?

It's easy for all of us to sit back and throw stones.
It's much harder for all of us to authentically ask these questions.
Then take action.

And I haven't been able to fully answer these questions. I'm not perfect.
But for the moment I feel more peace in my heart for noticing where it is that I am casting blame and judgments while getting curious about how I can find a win-win resolution.

Just while ago I was laying in my bed and seeking answers on this heavy heavy subject. Across my room I see the words by Neal Donald Walsch taped to my mirror. They seem perfect for today. May they resonate with you in some small way.

How to Be a Light

Embrace every circumstance,
own every fault,
share every joy,
contemplate every mystery,
walk in every man's shoes,
forgive every offense (including your own),
heal every heart,
honor every person's truth,
adore every person's God,
protect every person's rights,
preserve every person's dignity,
promote every person's interests,
provide every person's needs,
presume every person's holiness,
present every person's greatest gifts,
produce every person's blessings,
and pronounce every person's future secure in the
assured loved of God.

**May we all be happy, peaceful, and free from suffering.**

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Mia (Savor Everyday) said...

Beautiful, beautiful message, Sharon.

Truly, compassion and action are what our world needs...