Sunday, August 05, 2012

weekend yoga fun

Please excuse the randomness of these photos! The Blogger App has a mind of it's own.

Yesterday was filled with lots of yoga awesomeness. I taught class at 9:00 at the newly opened Lululemon.

Such. A. Delight.

Jenny Wiseman  manager/yoga extraordinaire) has simply done a fantastic job. I love the space and the yoginis that came out for class were just the loveliest. There were some very familiar faces, such as the cute yoga gals I snapped photos of above. Some new faces. Some I hadn't seen in a long time. And five women who came out and took their very first class. Loved the mixed group!

I only had a few minutes to look at all the yoga merchandise before skipping off to the studio to meet with the treehouse teachers. Loved seeing all the smiling yogis streaming out the studio and off to enjoy their Saturday. Word was that AnneDean taught a superb class. Of course she did!

I met with the teachers for over an hour and we have some new and exciting things coming up for the local yogis......think new classes, a challenge,workshops, and yoga teacher training (yep, it's coming back to Lex!).

After our meeting concluded we rolled up our sleeves, got the broom, and cleaning goodies out and took to give the studio a nice deep clean. It felt pretty awesome having these gals that love yoga and teaching at the studio, chatting, laughing, catching up, all while cleaning. I am blessed to have people like them on my team. Forever thankful.

And check out the cute boys frolicking in the studio. Cute, eh?! Those yoga rock stars belong to Liz, a dear student and friend.

As I drove home I couldn't help but smile the whole way.

Big thanks for all those who helped put that smile on my face. :)


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