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meet meghan skirha

Meghan has been teaching the Yoga Basics class on Thursdays for several months now. That's her with her two daughters, Mia and Mara (they are about THE cutest lil' things ever). I'm excited for you to get to know this dynamic yoga teacher. AND she'll aslo be teaching our very first Rock Your Vinyasa next month (details below) and will co-teach a 6:30 a.m. Power Hour yoga class coming up next month. If you haven't taken a class with Meghan yet I highly encourage you to do so!

True religion is real living; living with all one’s soul, with all one’s goodness, all one’s honesty. Albert Einstein
Namaste Everyone! My name is Meghan Skirha and I am honored to be considered a guide to your personal yoga journey. My goal is to impart to you, the joy and fulfillment yoga offers as well as the enlightenment one can experience each and every time you come to the mat. Plus, these workouts Rock!
My love for moving meditation grew out of the experimentation with variant dance forms, in both the performance and tutorial roles.  The formative challenge of choreographing the magical flow of movement sequences to music and coupling one’s spirit with their biomechanics drove me to be a lifelong student of physical expression. 
When academia/life/love/family led me to a direction apart from dance, it was only natural to seek out a continued energetic yet thoughtful movement.  YAY YOGA!   I immersed my toe in the waters, dabbled as it were, but did not find my diving off point until I traveled to Japan.  Then, with a nudge from a dear friend, I jumped in!  Head over heels, heels over head, or whatever asana was required.  After all, Yoga gives you nimbleness.
Being the stranger in a strange land taught me how difficult it can be to achieve acceptance.  Yoga was indiscriminate in that it accepted all, no matter your nationality, sex, ethnicity or belief system.  Also, living abroad availed me to a great influx of international mentors.  Their variant philosophies and unique styles imprinted upon me the belief that yoga isn’t to be approached as a cookie cutter form of movement.  It is a sanctuary of self manifestation that allows for a steadied mind in a world of stressors and day to day chaos.  Yoga gives you peace.
While pregnant with my first daughter, I practiced prenatal yoga on a nearly daily basis.  The experience deepened the spiritual side of my practice and intensified the bond between a mother and her child. Plus, her downward dog is perfect!  Yoga gives you patience.
Upon returning to California from Japan, I continued to experiment with the westernized forms of yoga in an attempt to find a niche to call my own. I began faithfully practicing at Harmony Yoga in Redondo Beach as it presented a physical challenge, a community of mutual appreciation, and the sense of aligned goal attainment.  Yoga gives you commitment.
Inspired by the eclectic cultural and musical flow classes while studying under Chappy and Najla, I passionately elevated my personal yoga practice and as I stretched to find the next physical, spiritual or intellectual level, felt exultant by the possibilities this journey might bring. Yoga gives you motivation.
When Harmony decided to offer a teacher training program, I leapt at the challenge.  I would rise to the ascent, and as I embraced this opportunity, I knew I had chosen something that is internally fulfilling and yet expressively giving to others. Yoga gives you humanitarianism. I wanted to breathe, sleep, eat and do as much yoga as possible, and like a sponge, I soaked it all up and was officially certified in the Fall of 2010.  And…
yep, you guessed it, well into my second pregnancy!

Yoga gives you confidence. After performing bakasana to tripod headstand (one of my most feared asanas!) for a final grade and then continuing to practice inversions and arm balances while well into my third trimester and with severely compromised center of gravity, one has to kind of laugh in the face of labor…..okay smile then?
After becoming certified, life brought me to Lexington, KY, where I live with my husband and two daughters (did I mention yoga gives you patience?) and am proud to join the talented teachers at Barefoot Works.

Much like people, the diversity of yoga was something that caught my attention and immediately attracted me to the practice. A firm believer that yoga is a personal and individualized journey, I am both appreciative of and receptive to all kinds of styles and forms.  Yoga gives you open-mindedness.
My own practice and yoga style is most greatly influenced by Vinyasa flow and I am exhilarated by the creation of dynamic, uplifting sequences by which to inspire my students. My classes are energetic and musically infused, each a little different from the last or the next. New and seasoned yogis are welcome as modifications are always offered and encouraged. I strive to make all yoga practitioners feel safe, comfortable and scrutiny-free irrespective of where you are in your life or in your practice. (You too mothers-to-be, I am knowledgeable and capable of modifications for the pregnant body, did you forget yoga got me through it twice?) Yoga gives you perseverance.

Come to class prepared to sweat and smile and hopefully leave feeling a little bit inspired. And if you don’t, that’s okay too; there is still the nimbleness, peace, commitment, humanitarianism, confidence, open-mindedness, motivation, and perseverance; you get to take it with you.  And of course, don’t forget the sweat!

See you on the mat!
Calling all music and flow lovers! Join Meghan Skirha at Barefoot Works Yoga for a sweaty, creaitve, dynamic, rock your socks off vinyasa flow practice. We'll get movin' and a groovin' to some pumping music as we sweat and challenge ourselves on the mat. Expect to push to your limits with funky, flowing sequences, arm balances, and maybe an inversion or two. Bring a towel and expect to work hard. Funky flow + fantasitc music + fun time yogis for only $15. Not suitable for beginners. Friday, September 14, 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.

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